KinoVino is a cinema-supper club, that brings together some of the best chefs and films from around the world. Each edition offers film screenings and sit-down dinners with unique menus inspired by the films, creating an immersive experience that is shared between an intimate group of guests. Your experience of a KinoVino gathering will always be fresh, surprising and enriching, as each event offers an entirely new film, food and drink and creates a new ambience through carefully and tastefully designed settings and tablescapes. You will immerse yourself in the magic of sharing a meal with a group of friends, old and new, as well as of sharing your emotions as you view a film together.


20 May – Salt and Time food popup at Open Senses Festival. Book here

10 June – new KinoVino series at the SHED. Part of London Wine Week. Book here

15 June – KinoVino Italy with Rachel Roddy. Book here

16 June – Workshop: textile and tableware design with Margherita Pandolfini. Book here

29&30 June – Salt and Time dinner with SOOP. Book here

6&7 July – Joey O’Hare and KinoVino supper club at Our London Vokda distillery. Book here

4 August – KinoVino Pakistan with Sumayya Usmani. Book here

9 August – KinoVino at The World’s End Market restaurant. A special edition. Book here 

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