KinoVino Sardinia 
with Letitia Clark
28 July 2018
TT Liquor, Shoreditch

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On the 28th of July we will travel to the pastoral setting of Sardinia. Chef and food illustrator, Letitia Clark, will treat us to some of the classic rustic dishes, using authentic produce from the island. You can look forward to seeing her top notch food illustrations too! Enhancing your culinary experience, we will screen an absolute classic of Italian Neo Realism – Padre Padrone, by the Taviani Brothers!


Lardo, Pane Carasau, Honey & Walnut
Pea, Lemon & Ricotta Toasts (v)
Chambreyzette, Aperol and sparkling wine

Zucchini Fritti, Green Mayo, Bottarga
Gin, Lime, Italicus Liqueur and Lime

Saffron Malloreddus, Pecorino Cream, Nutmeg
Gold Rum, Bianco Vermouth and Amontillado Sherry

Bream, Aqua Pazza, Vernaccia
Lemon Fregola with smoked Aubergine (v)
A choice of 125ml of Pinot Noir red or Traminer Aromatico white wine

Iced Summer Fruit, Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Basil Granita
Vodka, Sparkling Wine and Lemon Sorbet

*each course is paired with a bespoke cocktail from TT Liquor expert mixologists 


KinoVino Paris
with Shaheen Peerbhai 
21 Aug 2018
TT Liquor, Shoreditch

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Who would say no to a trip to Paris!?  On the 21 Aug KinoVino together with pastry chef and author of the brand new Paris Picnic Club, Shaheen Peerbhai, will add some romance into your life with a screening of the ultimate classic Amelie and a dinner featuring some of the Parisian must-haves including Shaheens exquisite pastry work!


A Russian supper club at MAKE MORE Festival
with KinoVino’s founder, Alissa Timoshkina
25 Aug 2018
Victoria Park
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A late-summer al fresco dinner at a Russian dacha (country house) featuring Russian culinary classics with a contemporary touch. Guests will enjoy a family-style sharing feast savouring dishes like rye bread crostini, buckwheat tabouleh and a cold beetroot ‘svekolnik’ soup. Heartfelt conversations and meaningful toasts will be encouraged!
Explore the rest of the exciting programme at https://makemore.art


KinoVino Australia
with Maxine Thompson 
13 Sept 2018
TT Liquor, Shoreditch

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KinoVino is thrilled to welcome Maxine Thompson, chef and founder of the ground-breaking Polka Pants label. On the 13 Sept Maxine will take us on a culinary journey to her native Australia, serving dishes inspired by the country as well as her experience of working in leading kitchens around the world. The evening will start with a screening of Love Serenade, the wackiest romantic comedy you’ll ever see!

KinoVino Sri Lanka
with Emily Dobbs of Weligama 
13 October 2018
TT Liquor, Shoreditch

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We complete our journey by the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka! On 13 October KinoVino is super excited to welcome Emily Dobbs, chef, author and founder of the sensational Weligama! Savour her famed hoppers and other dishes from her best-selling book. As we indulge in the culinary classics we will also delve into an absolute Hollywood classic: the Sri Lanka-set Elephant Walk, starring Elisabeth Taylor.


KinoVino Xmas Special
19 Dec 2018