KinoVino: Bridges of Istanbul with chef Melek Erdal
29 Aug 2019
TT Liquor, 17B Kingsland Road
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Those who have experienced the intoxicating chaos of Istanbul, know that it never leaves you.  The smoke from the grills, the steam from the brewing teas to the orchestra of sounds that embed into your memory; nobody is from Istanbul but Istanbul becomes you and you claim it as yours.

We will celebrate a city that has so resiliently and defiantly maintained its diversity, its mysticism and romance.  A city created from fragments and remnants of history, of tensions, of pressure, of bean stews and grilled sardines, of layers and layers of migration, and layers and layers of defiance; Istanbul, a city of bridges.

Our journey to the city will begin with a screening of an award-winning critically-acclaimed punk romance “Head On” (2004) culminating in a feast from Istanbul-born chef Melek Erdal who will create a culinary tapestry to indulge your senses.