KinoVino Poland: contemporary cuisine and classic cinema
23 March 2018
Calvert 22 Foundation, E2 7JP


Experience classic Polish art house cinema through the prism of contepoerary Polish cuisine.

KinoVino joins forces with Kinoteka, leading Polish Film Festival in Europe, to bring you a screening of Krzysztof Kieślowski’s The Double Life of Veronique followed by a multi-course dinner created by Flavia Borawska, a rising star of Polish gastronomy, whose cooking style embraces authentic Polish flavours and contemporary European aesthetic.

About the chef
Flavia is a graduate of the prestigious gastronomic school Le Cordon Bleu. She has worked in several of the world’s finest restaurants including the famous Noma in Copenhagen and Il Teatro Del Sale in Florence. Recently she was hired as a guest resident chef in Warsaw’s Opasły Tom.’

About the film
The precursor to the Kieślowski’s beloved Three Colours trilogy The Double Life of Veronique is a mystic story divided in two parts. First we meet Veronika in Kraków who gets noticed for her singing and is invited to sing at a concert. Then there’s Veronique who lives in Paris and falls in love with a puppeteer. We’re never sure exactly how the women are connected, but it’s clear that they are. The point is not to try and get to the bottom of this, but rather to let the feeling of cosmic company wash over you.

In partnership with


KinoVino for #CookForSYRIA:
a charity evening in memory of Mehmet Aksoy

15 March 2018
Institute of Light, London Fields
Mehmet Aksoy was a British-Kurdish film-maker and activist, who was killed in Syria in September 2017 while volunteering for the Kurdish Press office. He was a charismatic leader of the Kurdish community in London and very dear friend of mine ever since we were film students 12 years ago. 

It is a real honour to raise funds for the brilliant initiative #CookForSYRIA with this special edition of KinoVino in Mehmet’s memory. With this event, we’d like to give you a more intimate glimpse into the lives of ordinary people in Syria with a screening of  I Want to Live, a beautiful and moving documentary, and offer you a chance to savour the flavours of the region, to celebrate the vibrate and resilient food culture, where the act of sharing food and communal eating is the act of living! We will bring together some of UK’s most remarkable chefs who, marrying Kurdish, Syrian and Middle Eastern cuisines, will each create a dish for our feast. 

While in Syria, Mehmet wrote: “If only I could embrace all the children in this world and say like the sweet taste of candy – I’ve brought you a world without war.”  We hope that with this event we will take a step closer to making his dream a reality.  

All profits from the event will go to #CookForSYRIA via Unicef’s NextGeneration and REBUILD, both charities dedicated to the protection of children in the conflict zone.