Salt and Time: a vegetarian Russian supper club 
27&28 April
Green Lens Studios, 4a Atterbury Road 
I am really excited to continue my exploration of Russian cuisine. Using vegetarian and fermented produce only, I will share some of my favourite dishes with you in a relaxed and cosy setting of Green Lens Studios.You can look forward to a cold beetroot soup, a mushroom buckwheat risotto and other vegetarian delights. On the 28th I will welcome a guest chef – S Yuma Hashemi –  to collaborate with me on a fusion menu, introducing Yuma unique dishes cooked on an open fire in front of you. Vodka will be served on the house  and you will also be able to purchase some wine and beers with your meal.
Menu on the 27th
Korean-style pickles and ferments with Our Vodka shots 
Roasted cauliflower with spicy fermented beetroot dip 
A Russian gazpacho 
Buckwheat and mushroom risotto 
Blinis with prunes, walnuts and honey 
Special Screening of
Bertolucci’s 1900
15 April 2017
Regent Street Cinema

KinoVino is joining forces with Kino Klassika Foundation at an extraordinary screening of Bernardo Bertolucci’s legendary epic, 1900 (Novecento). This Easter Saturday extravaganza will see Kino Klassika screen a pristine Italian language print of the original 5 hour and 20 minute version of 1900 (Novecento) with English subtitles. Boasting stellar performances from Gerard Depardieu, Robert de Niro and Donald Sutherland,  the screening is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Bertolucci’s masterpiece on the big screen. It will be complimented by KinoVino treating cinephiles to a rustic Italian buffet and wine reception in the cinema bar during the hour-long interval between parts 1 and 2. A specially-designed menu will feature prosciutto, peach and honey crostini; sundried tomatoes hummus with crudités; artichokes, pancetta, peas and mint salad; and a selection of fine Italian wines. Original room and table decor will heighten the event’s revolutionary theme.


A selection of crostini 
Prosciutto, peach & honey
Grape & ricotta
Pea & mint

Fennel, artichoke and butter bean
Sun dried tomatoes hummus
served with crudités

Cauliflower, butter beans, parsley and capers

Cheese, charcuterie, olives, bread & oil
Fresh fruit and nuts

A selection of Italian wines 

“Salt and Time: the Art of Fermentation in Russian Cuisine” 
a vegetarian food popup at Calvert 22
25 and 26 March 2017
Calvert 22 Foundation, 22 Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch, E2 7JP
It is great to be back to one of my favourite spots in London to serve you a new menu that I have been developing. Drawing on some of the favourite dishes from my childhood, I have created an Eastern European menu with a few twists and touches here and there. Come along on the weekend of 25&26 March to Calvert22 Foundation, I will be there serving the food at their cafe from 12pm to 6pm. No booking in advance is required. I really can’t wait to share these dishes with you!
The Menu 
Pickled carrot and aubergine caviar with caraway rye bread 
Spicy red borsch with fermented cabbage 
Mushroom bigos with smashed garlic and dill potatoes and fennel seeds 
Blinis with prunes and smetana 
A Russian Feast in Neal’s Yard 
19 Jan 2017
Neal’s Yard Pride, 2 Neals Yard, Covent Garden


Taking inspiration from my Soviet Eastern-European roots, I will cook up a delicious feast at Neal’s Yard Pride, using fermentation and pickling as key techniques for each course. Join an intimate group of diners for a cosy and fun night of Russian classics with a contemporary twist. 



Borodinsky-style blinis with aubergine “caviar” and pickled carrot

Spicy fermented red borsch 

Fermented cabbage and toasted fennel seed bigos with smokey croutons served with garlic and dill smashed potatoes 

Apple and almond crumble with pickled plums 

Kombucha welcome cocktail
“Kompot” (dried fruit mulled drink)
shots of OUR VODKA

You are also welcome to bring your own drinks



KinoVino cinema at Konstam Popup
14&21 January 2017
Calvert 22 gallery, 22 Calvert Avenue, E2 7JP

It is an absolute pleasure to take part in Oliver Rowe’s Konstam Popup in Calvert 22. Oliver will be serving some incredible food inspired by Eastern European and Jewish cuisines, while I have curated a programme of films exploring Eastern European Jewish history and food culture. 

14 Jan 2017
Oma and Bella  (Alexa Karolinski, 2012) is a deeply touching and endearing documentary about a life-long friendship between two elderly Jewish women. While rooted in the tragic history of the Holocaust, the film is an ode to their resilience, survival and joie de vivre. It is a celebration of friendship, tradition and above all of Jewish food. It is through the food which Oma and Bella prepare together that they remember their childhood, maintain a bond to each other and explore questions of memory, heritage and cultural identity. They drink vodka, sing Yiddish songs and dress up to go out with their friends. Oma and Bella will evoke your unconditional affection and admiration from the very first scene!

21 Jan 2017
A screening of a legendary Soviet film Commissar (1967, Aleksander Askoldov). Based on a renowned short story by Soviet-Jewish writer Vassily Grossman, the film tells a story of a Red Army commissar who temporary lodges with a poor Jewish family to give birth in the midst of the Russian Civil War. Filmed with a unique poetic vision, the film was banned upon its completion and not shown until 1988. This work is a truly unique gem of world cinema. Don’t miss this rare chance to see it.
*with an extended introduction

Romy Gill & Kim Somauroo present in aid of ACTION AGAINST HUNGER:
27 Nov 2016
Yurt Lush, Bristol
A gastronomic collaboration between a team of female chefs serving a feast of unique dishes created for this one-off charity dinner. I will be teaming up with Romy Gill to cook a main course of Indo-Siberian Goat curry with a pickled mushroom&smetana relish. An incredible 7-course menu and a welcome drink for £62.40. All profits go to the charitable cause. 
KINOVINO Jewish-Russian food pop up at Calvert 22
Date: 19-20 November 2016
Place: Calvert 22 Gallery, Shoreditch
Time: 12-6pm
 free entry
It is very exciting to host my first food popup at Calvert’s cafe. Tapping into my Jewish-Russian culinary heritage, I will serve an array of gastronomic classics like latkes, farshmak and blintzes which you can enjoy with a signature drink ‘Medok’. No booking required, just come along to the cafe and get some treats! 
Russian ‘Zastolie’ Dinner at Cafe Noor, Brighton
Date: 1 July 2016
Place: Cafe Noor, Brighton

On Friday 1st July Cafe Noor will be transformed for an evening of Russian Feasting and Singing. The Russian Menu will be created specifically for this event by Alissa Timoshkina – Alissa began the KinoVino supper club that has taken London by storm over the last year and we are delighted to welcome her back for the second time at Cafe Noor. To accompany Alissa’s feast for the senses will be The Brighton Russian Choir, led by Polina Shepherd. The award winning Brighton & Hove Russian Choir promotes Russian harmony singing and traditional Russian repertoire. This promises to be a very special evening, so don’t miss out!