KinoVino x Nuclear Winter

Dinner from all four corners of the USSR
6th – 27th January 2018 


KinoVino will offer you a unique chance to travel in time behind the Iron Curtain to savour the food from all four corners of the former Soviet Union. The meals will take you from Soviet Central Asia, to the Caucasus and the South-Western part of the USSR (Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia) and culminate with a dinner in the capital featuring some of the classics from the Kremlin. This is a unique journey of flavours and Soviet history, a gathering that will broaden your culinary horizons and give you distinct insight into the lives of people behind the Curtain. Join us each week to savour a bountiful menu from a new part of the former Soviet Union 

Week One: Central Asia and Siberia
6th January

A spread of Soviet Korean pickles and vegetable dips with rye bread & flavoured butters

Lagman soup (an Uzbek style pho) with ‘help yourself’ spices and herbs
Siberian pelmeni dumplings served with condiments 
Honey and pine nut cake and Asian spiced tea 

Week Two: Caucasian Mountains
12th-13th January  

Cold mezze spread: dolma, beetroot and spinach pkhali & lavash bread 
Hot mezze: spicy bean salad and khachapuri bread
Aubergine stew (lamb or vegetarian) with jewelled rice 
Baklava with cinnamon tea & shot of Ararat brandy 

Week Three: Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova
19th-20th January 

Rye bread, lardo, selection of pickles and ferments & a shot of horilka
 Red borsch and sour cream
Stuffed cabbage leaves in a spicy tomato sauce with smashed garlic & herbed potatoes 
Vareniki stuffed with sweet tvorog served with seasonal fruit compote 

Week Four: Soviet Capital 
27th January 

Blinis & caviar with dill cream & a shot of horseradish infused vodka 
Salad spread: ‘Herring in Furs’, Stolichnyi salad, Winter slaw 
Beef or mushroom stroganoff with buckwheat kasha and ferments assortment
Napoleon cake with candied walnuts 


Running from November to February – Nuclear Winter is a yuletide festival with a cold war flavour! From Russia to America and back through Cuba we’ve got it all to make your Christmas period go with a bang. Clamber over the iron curtain for cabaret and entertainment in our demilitarised zone or hang out with Russian babushka’s in a steamy banya, or get invited by the top brass to our Doctor Strangelove inspired CIA supper club.