KinoVino, launched in May 2015, has gained recognition as one of London’s most original projects, that unites food and film. Featured in British Vogue and named one of 11 best supper clubs by TimeOut London, KinoVino was featured in The Telegraph as one of the trends in the summer 2017. Conceived by film curator and avid cook, Alissa Timoshkina, KinoVino marries best of world cinema with some of the most innovative menus inspired by the films and brought to life by acclaimed chefs and food personalities. For each edition Alissa and the KinoVino team create an immersive experience where film, food and wine are curated under one theme, with the original room decor and tablescapes reflecting and enhancing the theme of the night. Taking place at different venues in East London, KinoVino gatherings create a warm environment where people can meet and embark on a journey, sharing a film viewing experience and a meal together.  Upon arrival guests are greeted by the KinoVino host and treated to welcome drinks and light bites that are thematically tied to the film. The welcome session is followed by a screening itself, and after the screening guests proceed to the dinning room, where beautiful tables await. KinoVino is about relishing each element of the night in this particular order so as to give each the attention and appreciation it deserves.

Initially launched as a supper club, KinoVino has now branched out into several directions, offering bespoke catering and events management services for private parties, as well as cooking and styling masterclasses, and collaborating on various food and arts-related popups. 

About Alissa

Food and film are my two greatest loves. I have studied and worked in film for over 12 years, gaining a PhD in film history and a lot of amazing experience as film festival curator and coordinator. There really is nothing more exciting to me than bringing films and film-lovers together. I can’t think of a more rewarding experience than making people laugh, feel inspired or intellectually stimulated by the film programme I have put together. Well, actually I can think of one more thing that is as rewarding to me! It is cooking and hosting dinners for friends and family. I love planning a thematic menu, which takes you on a journey, and I love creating the right atmosphere for a dinner party. How amazing is it to share a meal and some (well, a lot of) wine with the people you love. Why have my two passions remained parallel up until now, I do not know. So I finally did the most organic thing – I have decided to unite food, wine and film through KinoVino. I envisage each event as my private dinner party at home, paying as much detail to each little element in order to recreate the atmosphere of a cosy gathering with my closest friends. I love the idea of people coming together to share food, wine and their love of cinema.