How to plan a party

I was recently approached by a really lovely life-style/foodie blog Khoollect to offer some party planning tips and talk about KinoVino. So here I re-share these and you can see the original as well as the KinoVino interview on Khoollect’s website.

My party planning tips 

Research is essential, in my view, when planning a dinner party. Instagram and Pinterest are an amazing resource, so I always search certain tags, depending on the theme of the night and the style of the cuisine, and create a mood board before planning each event.

Keep decor minimal
When designing a tablescape, I try to select one or two key elements and let them be the stars of the show, with everything else being there in the background to accentuate those elements. For example, for my Greek-themed KinoVino I chose olive branches and bread as the two key elements. Both were displayed on the tables against the rustic beige of the linen napkins and tablecloths.

Think beyond the food
Try to envisage the meal as a journey for your guests. Where do you want to take them with it? And, where do you want them to arrive at the end of the meal? It’s not just about how they feel while they are eating, but also what kinds of memories linger after the event.

Consider the whole
Create a dialogue between the meal and the table-setting. Use some of the edible elements as part of the table decor but also think of the colour scheme of the food and how it will work with the colour of the tablecloth, the flowers, the plates or other decor elements in the room.

Make your own menu
Create individual menus for each guest that enhances their aesthetic appreciation of the table. It’s a really fun crafty moment of designing the layout and choosing the right font, shape and size. Also, menus are useful elements to guide the guests through the meal and make a lovely keepsake.